Fairbank Morse Magneto Parts

Fairbank Morse Parts

We have many parts for the fairbank Morse magnetos.
 We have   coils, points, condensers, rotors, caps,gaskets, screws ,Impulse springs, couplings, drive lugs,
complete Impulses,as well as other  parts.
I have many models to pick from. like FMJ, FMX, RV,AND J. just to name a few.
in the RV line I have 1cyclinder,2cyclinder, 4cyclinder, and may still have 1SIX cyclinder left. these are good used magnteos.

I have the following New In Box  Magnetos  For sale.

      FM JE 4B26 these are new and fit the Climax Industrail Engines
                only have a few. will sell 1 or all.
  Also have many other FM type magnetos that I have had through the shop. They are ready to go.
Contact me with your needs.
some of the part numbers I have are   ALL OF THESE PARTS ARE NEW
   GASKETS     IMPULSE SPRINGS     END CAPS                 
IF you need some thing and do not see it, contact me as we may have it but not yet have it listed.